Variable Base Different Contribution Rate Investment Return Normal Retirement Age
NRA 60 60 60 60 61
Sex Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed
Age 32.21 32.21 32.21 32.21 32.21
Salary 6,000,000.00 6,000,000.00 6,000,000.00 6,000,000.00 6,000,000.00
Interest 10 10 10 11 10
Salary Escalation 7 7 7 7 7
Contribution Rate 18 18 19 18 18
Current Fund Balance 4,500,000.00 4,500,000.00 4,500,000.00 4,500,000.00 4,500,000.00
Future Service 27.79 32.79 27.79 27.79 28.79
Past Balance 63,608,511.72 102,442,144.22 63,608,511.72 81,797,135.33 69,969,362.90
Projected Balance 286,206,030.68 569,341,340.57 302,106,365.72 330,605,442.27 322,251,613.61
Total Balance 349,814,542.41 671,783,484.79 365,714,877.45 412,402,577.60 392,220,976.51
Annuity at NRA 13.73 12.16 13.73 13.73 13.43
Pension p.a 25,472,550.97 55,258,985.34 26,630,370.45 30,030,042.79 29,209,188.00
Salary at NRA 36,757,219.74 51,553,902.16 36,757,219.74 36,757,219.74 39,330,225.12
IRR 69.29944959504 107.18681423746 72.449359998773 81.698352054006 74.266516181372
Fixed IRR 75 75 75 75 75
Contribution Rate 19.809750016446 12.913639709943 19.809750016446 16.15906459207 18.216374315295
Difference of 1% 3.1% 12.4% 5%


In order to retire comfortably, a typical rule of thumb is that you will need to replace 75% of your pre-retirement income. The purpose of this tool is enable you to assess whether you are on track to achieve this target.

Your Income Replacement Ratio is Adequate: 69.3%

Projected Balance at 60 Years

LCY 349,814,542

Annual Pension from 60 Years

LCY 25,472,551

Annual Salary at 60 Years

LCY 36,757,220

LCY means Local Currency.

Note:This calculator is provided as a guide and illustration. The values shown are based on assumptions and your inputs. The values are shown in future terms and do not consider the effect of inflation. Actual future values will be based on actual future experience and will differ from these projections. The values are gross of tax and fees. Tax at the rates applicable will be deducted at the point of accessing your benefit. Zamara will not be held responsible for your reliance on this calculator for your financial planning. We recommend that you speak to a financial adviser and review your retirement plan regularly to ensure you meet your goals.


1. A Replacement Ratio is a person’s gross income after retirement, divided by his or her gross income before retirement.

2. A Replacement Ratio helps a person understand whether they are saving enough for retirement.

3. In a recent study carried out by Zamara for 65,000 people, the average replacement ratio was found to be 34.0%.

4. A desirable target replacement ratio to enable you to retire comfortably is 75%.

The Income Replacement Ratio tool is a guide to help you to estimate whether you are on track for a comfortable retirement. It is based on your specific circumstances and assumptions that may change over time. All assumptions have an impact on the projections. We recommend you review your position at least annually as your own personal circumstances and market conditions change.

Personal circumstances will include:

  • Your actual age
  • Your retirement fund balance
  • Your salary
  • Your desired retirement date

For the purposes of the illustration in the tool, the pension at your desired retirement age allows for the following:

  • A guaranteed pension for life
  • With increases broadly equal to 75% of inflation (as measured by CPI)
  • With a pension to your spouse equals to 50% of your pension when you pass away
  • A five year guarantee period such that if you were to pass away within five years of retirement, the pension continues to your spouse for the balance of the five year period


The following key assumptions have been made for the purposes of the projections in the tool:

  • An inflation assumption of 7.0%
  • A 3 year age difference between you and your spouse (where male is older)
  • Mortality table used is a(55) ultimate

All calculations are gross of fees and taxes