I being a Customer / Client of Zamara hereby state and confirm that I have read and understood the contents of Zamara's Privacy and Data Protection Policy a copy of which was provided to me and;

  • I hereby consent to the collection of my data by Zamara for the purposes specified to me, including for its records and use;
  • I hereby acknowledge that my personal data may be shared with third parties including but not limited to third party service providers for their use, upon notice;
  • I hereby consent to such sharing of information by Zamara with third parties for the purposes of fulfilling various contractual obligations;
  • I acknowledge that Zamara shall not be held liable for such processing of shared information by third parties and that the appointed third parties have the obligation with Zamara to protect such information shared with them;
  • I hereby consent to the use of my personal data in the day to day operations of Zamara.
  • I hereby consent to the use of my personal data for research purposes by Zamara, in an anonymized manner
  • I hereby consent to the storage of my personal data collected by Zamara.
  • I acknowledge that I have signed this consent of my own free will and volition, without coercion or influence whatsoever.


  1. Zamara refers to Zamara Actuaries, Administrators & Consultants Limited; Zamara Risk & Insurance Brokers Limited; or Corporate & Pension Trust Services Limited – as appropriate or together and their affiliated entities
  2. Data includes reference to Personal Data and Sensitive Personal Data as defined under the Data Protection Act, 2019
  3. Data, Personal Data includes (but not limited to) the following information relating to the principal and contract holder and/or beneficiaries: date of birth, contact details (including postal address, telephone/mobile contact numbers, email address, Identification Number (ID), Passport Number, KRA PIN, Passport Photo, Country of Resident, Nationality, Region, Source of Funds, next of kin, details of insured item/person, such other information that would be required to execute the contract. For Medical Related products, additional data, including Sensitive Personal Data, as defined under the Data Protection Act, 2019 is requested and required.